2018 Projects
Most of our films can be seen on YouTube by clicking on the images

A Step on the Ladder

This project was created to mark the centenary of the December 1918 General Election, the first in which women over 30 were allowed to vote. It features a group of fictitious characters, Martha, a married woman who is just old enough to vote but has been persuaded by her old-fashioned father-in-law that she has no business doing so, and Emily her slighly younger friend who is frustrated that she won't be quite old enough to vote, but also that her friend is going to waste this long fought for opportunity.

The Sealed Knot in Ashby de la Zouch

In the summer of 2018, Ashby de la Zouch Town Council arranged for the Sealed Knot Society to visit Ashby and set up camp for a weekend. There were parades down the high street, a battle of the Bath Grounds and a living Civil War encampment in the castle. We were asked to produce a film about the event.

Ashby Remembers 2018

The centenary of the end of the First World War was marked by special commemorations in churches and war memorials. We were asked to record on film the events in Ashby in the morning and the special extra event in front of St Helen's Church in the evening.

Painting the Town Red

This was a Melton Carnegie Museum project in which a group of young volunteers from local schools researched the well-known story of how the Marquess of Waterford quite literally painted the town of Melton red whilst on a drunken spree with his mates, and supposedly gave rise to the famous saying. The young volunteers wrote their own courtroom drama to depict the story and we were asked to turn it into a film.








The Unquiet Grave

This was the first film we made with the children of Grace Dieu Manor School. It tells the true story of of what happened to the body of the fonder of Grace Dieu Priory at the time of the dissolution of the monastries, and afterwards in the 19th century. This film won the Bringing Heritage Alive category of the County Heritage Awards in 2018.

The Message

This was our fourth project with Leicestershire County Council's Century of Stories Project and the third with Maplewell Hall Special School. Pupils devised a story in which a family from the First World War travelled to the present day with a message about the tragedy of war. The story was recorded and animated by us with drawings created by a student at the school.

Back in Time at St Helen's Church

This project was devised and run by Llynda Baugh who was the Heritage Project Officer at the church. It involved adults taking the parts of historic figures associated with the church and local primary school children coming in to ask them questions.

Comedy at Pudding Bag Productions

Quite often, we lighten the mood at our annual film shows, Quick Flicks, by including one or two comedy films. The scripts for these were written by members of Ashby Writers' Club. This year our comedies were: 1. "Scattering Dad" by Kate Mallinder, a man has a surprise when he goes to the reading of his father's will.

2. Ashby Zombie Apocalypse by Mark Taylor. Mark described this as "a bit of nonsense" as he imagined what might hit Ashby two years after Brexit!



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