A Century of Stories

Moira Primary School

During the winter of 2015/2016, Pudding Bag Productions joined forces with the Century of Stories team to work on a project with Moira Primary School, Year 4 (children aged 8 and 9).
The team was made up of:
Jen Johnson, Arts Tutor, Kashmir Arts
Steve Scotney, Moira Furnace Museum Trust Ltd
Helen Emery, Leicestershire County Council
Wendy Freer, Pudding Bag Productions
The topic for the project was the lives of people working and living on the canal during
World War 1.
Pudding Bag Productions provided background information in the form of over 20 webpages to help children carry out research into life during the First World War and life for families living on canal boats. We also provided costumes and books on canal art.
The project team worked with children in the classroom over a six week period during January and February 2016. During this time, Year 4 children produced art work and a set of short scripts. Their finished work earned them accreditation with the Arts for All award.
The project culminated in a visit to Moira Furnace Museum where the children were engaged in various activities around the museum, went on a canal boat ride and used their own scripts to produce a short film about the lives of canal boat people during the First World War. This film can be seen above.  The children wrote and performed the script and operated the camera under the direction of Pudding Bag Productions who edited the film.


Maplewell Hall School

Our second project with the Century of Stories Team was at Maplewell Hall School where a goup of 6 students, known as The Maplewell Scribes, had formed a lunchtime group to work on various special projects.
We are now working on a second project with this group. You can see the first project below. To see the current project Terror in the Trenches, CLICK HERE.
They had chosen to make a silent film set in 1916. The result can be seen below.


Below is a short film made by professional freelance film-maker Bill Newsinger about the making of Murder on the Maplewell Express. We are very grateful to Bill for making and sharing this film.